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Thoracic Pain Treatment

Thoracic back pain can feel like: Sharp pain localized to one spot either on the spine or to one side. General ache or throbbing pain affecting a wider area. A stiffness causing a loss of normal movement.

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Spine Adjustment

While all chiropractors are skilled at relieving pain due to tension, there are chiropractors who specialize in sports medicine. For advanced pain and chronic sports injuries, consider a chiropractor with a focus in sports medicine who’s experienced in treating athletes and identifying the cause of injury. The sports chiropractor may also have specific techniques for athletes as well as tips for avoiding reinjury.

Chiropractic Spine Care

Disks act as “shock absorbers” between the vertebrae that make-up the spine and when one of them fails to do its job, or is injured, other parts of the spine and body suffer. The intervertebral disc can most easily be thought of like a jelly donut. There are outer layers of cartilage, which can be represented by the actual donut. There is also an inner portion, composed mostly of water, which can be represented by the jelly. When the disc becomes injured or weakened through some type of stress, the outer layer can sometimes herniate, or even rupture. When the disc ruptures, the jelly-like material can extrude from the disc. This material, along with the inflammation that ensues, can cause intense pain by directly irritating the nerve root.

Since the disc has very little blood supply compared to most other parts of the body, it relies on motion to receive nutrients, as well as hydration. A healthy disc is kept healthy through motion. During a disc injury, or any subluxation for that matter, there is a loss of motion with the involved segments. Chiropractic adjustments restore the motion to those segments, therefore allowing the disc to move and heal properly. One of our techniques, called flexion distraction, gently pulls the segments apart to decrease the pressure, therefore allowing the ruptured material to re-enter the inner area of the disc.

“Dr. Z. Is the best! I've been seeing him for over a year now. He helped me with an injury and in a short amount of time I was feeling and functioning better. The staff is friendly and know you by name they are great at getting you same day appointments. As a massage therapist I recommend my clients to Dr Z. Chiropractic care is a beneficial thing to add to your overall health and wellness.”

— Naomi J.

“Mike O'Day has done wonders for my neck, back and hips. He took X-rays and set up a care plan according to my needs. He has also adjusted my 17 month old son who is quite the busy bee. He was very very patient with him and I would recommend Mike to anyone!!”

— Kelsey K.

“Friendly staff, outstanding service, definitely the place to go in the Brainerd Area.”

— Justin B.

“Dr. O'Day is fantastic and really does a great job helping me manage my chronic pain issues. He is also awesome with little children and my 5yo twins adore going to get adjusted by him.”

— Aimee W.