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TMJ Chiropractor Care

The pre-participation physical examination (PPE) is an important step toward safe participation in organized sports. 

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Chiropractor Jaw Adjustment


TMJ Chiropractic Adjustment

The temporomandibular joint is commonly irritated area. This can present as jaw pain, but it can also be the cause of headaches. The joint is unique in that it consists of a disc much like that of the intervertebral disc. It also has a unique motion, which is combination of a gliding and hinge types of movements. There are also a number of muscles of that joint, including the masseter, temporalis, internal pterygoid, and external pterygoid. The joint can become imbalanced by chewing gum or food on only one side consistently, or other types of trauma. Treatment of this joint includes trigger point therapy of the involved muscles, as well as manipulation of the disc in order to correct its position.

Sinus Problems

Most people with sinus problems will go straight for the over the counter drugs in order to get rid of those stuffed up sinuses. These drugs can be helpful in the short term, but they don’t come without side effects such as dryness of the sinus, nose, throat, and lungs. The best way to get relief is by draining the sinuses periodically. There are some ways to do this at home though the use of a netti pot or a warm towel to the face. As chiropractors we can use specific pressure points in order to induce a reflex that allows the sinuses to drain.

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