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DOT Physical

It is mandated by federal guidelines that anyone applying for a CDL must pass the DOT physical exam. The purpose of this test is to check whether an applicant is physically capable of driving safely now and in the near future. 

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Get a DOT Medical Card

Getting a DOT medical card is a requirement by the Department of Transportation and it must be up-to-date.

DOT Physical Exam

Getting a DOT medical card is an important step for anyone who is looking to maintain a career in transportation. This card is required by the Department of Transportation to certify your physical fitness and ability to safely operate heavy vehicles on public roads. To get this card, you will need to schedule a visit with us. We will asked about your medical history, any conditions or disabilities you may have, and any medications that you are currently taking.

Once the evaluation is complete, your results will be reviewed. You can typically expect to receive your medical card within a few days. If your application is approved, then you can rest assured that you are ready to take on the challenges of driving safely on busy roads and highways. So go ahead and get your appointment for a dot medical card today – it's an essential step towards protecting your health as well as others' safety on the road!

What's involved with the exam?

The DOT physical exam is designed to assess an applicant's physical abilities and health status. The DOT physical includes a vision test, hearing test, and blood pressure check. We may also order additional tests, such as a urine or blood test, if there are concerns about an applicant's health. Applicants who pass the DOT physical will be issued a DOT medical card, which must be renewed every two years. Those who fail the DOT physical will be given the opportunity to retake the exam after six months.