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Fall is ready for movement activities, which means you need to do all the things to prepare your kids for school and the extracurricular activities they love. Scheduling a Pre-Participation Physical Exam now ensures you won’t forget this important essential for fall sports.

Why Does My Child Need a Pre-Participation Physical (PPE)?

In Minnesota, a pre-participation physical exam, or “sports physical,” is required by law for all student athletes. You will also need to see your M.D. for an annual physical, which includes any necessary and required vaccinations. Still, a pre-participation physical exam is a closer look to determine if a student is ready to compete in sports or if an issue must first be addressed.

By law, a PPE must be done every three years, with a questionnaire to be completed annually. However, should the questionnaire reveal any changes in the athlete’s condition, a full PPE may be required sooner to identify any problems or necessary restrictions.

At Lakes Chiropractic, we encourage PPE exams annually to keep your growing child or teen as healthy as possible. Children and teens tend to grow very quickly, which can change the condition of their health. With an annual pre-participation physical exam, you’ll be able to stay ahead of changes much better should a problem arise.

What Does a Pre-Participation Physical Exam Include?

Several steps make up a pre-participation physical exam. First, a medical history will be taken, so the chiropractor knows the baselines for the patient. Then, a physical exam, as well as the necessary lab work, will be done. Finally, we evaluate the strength and flexibility of the student.

Along with injury prevention recommendations, we can recommend any strength training needed or, if necessary, refer to other health care professionals for a proper diagnosis. When that diagnosis is received, we are ready to create a treatment plan to speed up recovery.

Even when your student is healthy, your athlete will benefit from having a chiropractor perform their pre-participation physical exam. We can ensure the bone structure is in alignment and functioning properly. Chiropractic adjustments keep the body in alignment, so energy and flexibility are at their best.

Contact us today to schedule your student’s pre-participation physical exam.

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